Better together: AWS and Software Defined Automation

Software Defined Automation’s PLC Management and Code Versioning solution is a single source of truth for all your PLCs across different vendors, providing visibility into code changes, easy code retrieval and backups. Increase your factory security with advanced role-based user management and reduce dependencies on proprietary control hardware through PLC virtualization on standard IT servers.

Software Defined Automation’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution is natively built on Amazon Web Service to take advantage of its security, reliability and scalability by using several managed serverless services such as Amazon Cognito for Identity and access management or Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Timestream and Amazon S3 for data management. Core services are implemented by microservices running in Amazon Lambda fronted by REST APIs provided by Amazon API Gateway. Many other managed services such as Amazon SNS, Amazon, SQS, AWS Step Functions and Amazon Appstream 2.0 to name a few enable us to focus on what matters, our customers, rather than on undifferentiated heavy lifting needed to build a robust infrastructure.