2023 Software Defined Factory - now online


Software Defined Factory

This event highlights practical solutions underpinned by cutting-edge technologies. Watch our online sessions to gain valuable insights, customer testimonials, and hands-on workshops, and get ready for actionable knowledge.


  • Transitioning to Software Defined Factories (Dr. Josef Waltl, CEO, Software Defined Automation; Bodo Koerber, Senior Partner, Bain & Company)
  • Software defined manufacturing and the cloud (Joe Rosing, WW GTM Leader, Industrial Manufacturing, AWS)
  • Software defined Unified Namespace (Alexander Krüger, CEO, United Manufacturing Hub)
  • Software defined asset tracking at BMW (Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink, Co-Founder & CEO Kinexon)
  • Panel: Groundbreaking innovation in Automation (Markus Gruber, CEO, Selmo; Hans Michael Krause, Director Ecosystem ctrlX World, Bosch Rexroth; Frank Walter, Strategic Partners Director, Intel; Leonides de Ocampo, Global Advanced Digital Technologies Leader, Bain & Company)
  • Software defined edge application management (Patric Scholz, Managing Director Sales & Finance, FLECS)
  • Software defined front line operations (Stefan Titz, Product Manager, Tulip Interfaces; Dr. Josef Waltl, CEO, Software Defined Automation)
  • Hello PLC? Please talk to me! (Dr. Philip Ketterer, Senior Product MAnager, Software Defined Automation)
  • How to identify step-function innovations – an Investor’s view (Gabriel Matuschka, Partner Fly Ventures)
  • Now go and build your SDF! But how? (Dr. Hans Egermeier, Managing Partner, talsen team)
  • Customer-centric architecture, implementation, operations and business value (Max Morwind, Manufacturing Industry Leader for EMEA – VP of Solutions and Consulting, SoftServe)
  • Closing (Bodo Koerber, Senior Partner, Bain & Company)

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