Backup (PLC Ops)

PLC Ops provides a single source of truth for all projects across different vendors and complete transparency and control over code changes. 

Ensure code integrity and avoid downtime with automated backups from the shopfloor PLCs.

Backup, Versioning and Operations Management for PLCs

  • Built-in, highly secure remote connectivity to PLCs augmented with user and rights management in the cloud
  • Reduced downtime due to easy code retrieval and automated backups
  • All PLCs and projects in one platform across different vendors
  • Simplified PLC Operations through IDEs in a browser
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Built-in secure connectivity to PLCs

Secure remote access to industrial automation devices. The service utilizes MQTT for base communication and opens additional communication channels on demand such as a device‑specific VPN tunnel, e.g. to enable remote deployments to PLCs.

Secure remote connectivity to PLCs

PLC code integrity checks and backup

Get visibility into the current version of the PLC code running on the shop floor. Prevent downtime and reduce the attack surface on PLCs due to continuous code integrity checks and backup.

PLC project versions for source code control

Single source of truth for all PLC projects

Complete PLC project history that allows you to locate the latest version effortlessly. The project version history provides a record of what was changed, when, by whom, and for what reason. There is no scenario that does not track changes to the PLC codebase and roll-backs take only minutes.

PLC project versions for source code control

PLC access management

Protect your industrial automation systems from accidental or malicious changes. Our platform allows you to grant access to specific PLCs, rather than providing access to your entire network. By managing time- and role-based access to PLCs and projects, you can safeguard your OT environment and increase overall security.

User permission management