Secure Remote Access

Security is paramount. The core intellectual property of many manufacturers is in the highly optimized control routines of their production equipment. This is why many factories are isolated from the rest of IT equipment. While this fortress approach can be effective, it’s far from efficient.

Local-only access means that every fix or routine change requires you to fly programmable logic controller (PLC) programmers around the world, which is expensive and creates long wait times. Alternatively, they can get on a video call with someone local to walk them through the process, but adding a non-expert intermediary introduces potential for error and accountability issues. The irony is that when security is burdensome, it leads to practices that create more vulnerabilities, such as putting code on USB drives or emailing it around.

Software Defined Automation’s Secure Remote Access uses industry-leading, security-first practices, while letting you control who has access to which devices and when. This gives you the best of both worlds: allowing authorized personnel to perform necessary tasks remotely without compromising stringent security standards.

Set Fine-grained User Permissions at the Device Level

Granular, role-based access control for users and devices, including temporary rights, allows you to limit access to the absolute minimum level required for any given user, device, and time frame.

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Enable Secure On-demand Access

SDA Secure Remote Access uses certificate-based and encrypted MQTT communication for base communication, and encrypted WireGuard VPN connections are opened on demand to connect to OT devices.

Automatically Log Every Connection

Secure Remote Access creates a record of every action, so you have full transparency and auditability.

Increase Security Without a Big IT Footprint

Secure Remote Access offers a lightweight implementation—a small software install, no hardware required—and setup is easy and fast. Our gateway, included at no extra cost, uses standard network ports and provides best-practice encryption in transit.

Pay as You Go

Secure Remote Access is included in SDA’s backup and versioning capabilities. General Secure Remote Access with any device is usage-based, so you only pay for what you actually use per minute.