Browser-based Engineering

If you have a heterogenous PLC landscape in your production environment, you need to manage the all the IDE versions and stay on top of all the updates and patches as well as the devices they run on.

Using those IDEs is not any easier. Traditionally, you need automation engineers on-site to make code changes, which can be inconvenient, create long wait times for IDE-specific experts, and increase costs. While they are there, they often need to run around the floor with dedicated laptops to update each system individually.

Software Defined Automation’s Browser-based Engineering is an IDE-as-a-Service (IDEaaS) that enables your automation engineers to securely access any IDE from any browser and internet connection. With the full capabilities of the latest vendor-specific IDE version at their fingertips, they can see what’s going on in the devices to diagnose and fix problems remotely, speeding the time to resolution. And it allows them to provide multi-site coverage near instantaneously, no matter where they are.

Access the Full Spectrum of IDEs

SDA supports multi-vendor, multi-version IDEs—including all the common versions of Rockwell, Siemens, CODESYS, Beckhoff, and more.

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Work Securely From Anywhere

SDA provides remote access without compromising security. All connections are implemented through a secure VPN, and every session starts up a fresh copy the respective IDE version, which is then discarded upon termination.

Built-in connectivity to PLCs.

Streamline Licensing

Our IDEaaS allows you to pool and share licenses among your team, increasing license utilization and potential cost savings.

TIA Portal license management through Browser-based Engineering

Reduce Your IT Footprint

Eliminate the burden of managing the IDEs and the laptops/virtual machines they run on. You’ll always work on the most up-to-date, fully patched version of the IDE and OS.

Version control for PLC projects

Improve Collaboration

SDA supports multi-user sessions, enabling engineers to efficiently work together, helping them solve problems faster to further reduce downtime.

Browser-based Engineering: mobility and flexibility for automation engineers