Version Pro for Allen-Bradley

Keep control over your PLC code at all times. Know exactly what was changed in your Rockwell Allen-Bradley PLC projects and by whom. Stop wasting time and achieve full transparency and traceability with a PLC code version control solution.

Version like a Pro

  • Conveniently open and manage your Allen-Bradley PLC projects in any browser, at any time, with advanced version control features 
  • Keep a record of all changes to your projects so you know exactly what was changed and by whom
  • Compare all your versions quickly and effectively without long loading times. No need to download files or open your IDE
  • With SDA Version Pro, you can integrate with SDA PLC Ops for automated code backups and deployments, ensuring you always have the latest version of your project with robust version control capabilities.
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Easily access your PLC projects in a browser

With SDA Version Pro you can view the contents of your Siemens and Rockwell PLC projects natively in the browser. You can quickly view hardware configurations or check how a feature was implemented by your peer in the rendered IEC 61131-3 programming languages – without needing to download a file or launching your IDE.

PLC project viewer for Version Control

Single source of truth for all PLC projects

SDA offers a complete view of your PLC project history, allowing you to effortlessly locate the latest version. The project version history provides a record of what was changed, when, by whom, and for what reason. It also establishes what is currently deployed, so you can easily roll back to a previous version.

Together with our backup feature, SDA IDEaaS, and the SDA local client, SDA Version Pro provides a single source of truth for all your projects – easily accessible from anywhere.

PLC project versions for source code control

Full transparency on PLC Code changes with Version Control

Keep track of changes made to your PLC projects. Our version control system allows you to conveniently open your projects in the browser and compare different versions side by side.In addition to the information provided by your colleagues or external suppliers, you can conveniently check for yourself what was changed.

Version Pro uses an intelligent algorithm to identify the changes and to provide the best possible perspective on the differences. SDA Version Pro facilitates transparency and helps you understand exactly what was changed in your projects.

Diff viewer for PLC project version control

Traceability of all committed changes

The single source of truth for your PLC projects ensures a secure record of all committed changes. The integrated project viewer allows you to conveniently display the project contents in the browser and their differences. This offering promotes traceability of changes and increases accountability. You can efficiently review changes and understand exactly what was changed, when, and by whom – keeping you in control of your projects and machines at all times.

Combine SDA Version Pro with regular backups and automated deployments using SDA PLC Ops and leverage the next generation of automation engineering tools.

Traceability of all committed PLC code changes